The world is changing with us

Read a quote, “It is true that you might fail if you try, but you are doomed if you don’t.”

This gives me a lot of courage to carry on. This tells me that nothing is lost till hope is lost. Universe wouldn’t give me more than I can take. Adversities hit hard in the face. They are unexpected, often unwelcomed. But they are the only ones who tell us that there is something wrong with our planning and execution. Only they tell us that we need to prepare more before we make action.

We decided to change the world because we believed we can. And we are not the only one. There are millions who are trying hard to make a mark, to make the world a better place. They are only ones who are doing it for us. The artists, the activists, the writers, freedom fighters, peace-makers, revolutionaries and the meditators – they all have believed that only action is the remedy of inaction, only love is the answer for hatred and war. We must support them. We must walk with them. They are the ones who are living the pain to set the world free.

Let’s keep walking together from wherever we are. We may not know each other, but we are connected through one beautiful energy called ‘nature’. We are all billions of forms of expression of one infinite energy called universe. Whatever we do, that has it’s own effect and influence.

Keep changing whatever we can in our own unique way. Let’s begin with changing ourselves. Our consciousness is rising globally. We are all part of the same rising. Let the spirits be high. Let’s keep walking the path of change.

Because the world is changing with us.

Love from India.

How difficult is writing?

Writing is difficult. Indeed. Especially for the beginners like me. I quit my job a couple of months back to do what I loved. I loved to write. But it hasn’t been easy. More than I expected it to be. Its been a journey with it’s own share of challenges.

But it’s just difficult, not impossible. The beginning is always the toughest. It takes a lot of character to cross the river of beginning. That’s why the majority of beginners in the world remain beginners their entire lives.

We have a very tiny number of people who are finishers. They begin to walk till the end. No matter what, they just carry on.

I am carrying on too.

Let’s stay inspired to create, innovate, build and transform.

Let’s keep writing for the love of writing.

Here’s to the travellers

They explore. They discover. They become wanderers, marvellers. They tell the human race how wonderful the world is. They face life head on with courage, yet they have the beauty in their hearts and imagination in your minds. They don’t care what the world thinks about them. They showcase their fellow humans that travelling is as important as food to create real meaning in life and the journey is capable of miracles. And their journeys of life become the most beautiful ones. And only because of them, we have an idea what the world is.

The message: Keep travelling. Keep making this world better.

Are you a ‘somebody’?

Somebody is planting a seed of a tree in her lawn, somebody is creating a soulful music in her studio, somebody is working on to find a cure of a deadly disease, somebody is planning for an eco-friendly structure, somebody is writing an inspirational book, somebody is practicing meditation, somebody is initiating to make a positive change in the society, somebody is donating blood for a fellow human being, somebody is falling in love with someone, somebody is sweeping a street for a cleaner environment. And there are others who are choosing to be ‘somebody’ right now.

They all, are making this world a beautiful place. They are contributing to a magnificent earth.

How are you contributing? Are you a ‘somebody’ too?