When I set out to write..

Whenever I set out to write, I do not find words. It feels as if I really want to say something, but there are no words to express them. I do not even know what exactly the heart wants to say that the mind is unable to comprehend. All that is felt deeper in my being is ‘silence’. How do really I express the silence in words!

My friends tell me I should write more. I am unable to say either yes or no to them. My diary on the table looks at me every day with its empty pages waiting to be filled. I realized a year ago that I have been unable to pen anything at all. So I bought a simple diary with no mention of dates and days of the year.

I am living the days and mornings joyously. Perhaps I have forgotten to worry about time and dates. I have no goals to achieve. Time feels timeless. Even though I look at my wristwatch so many times in a day, even though the mobile phone does help me wake up in the morning, yet these practices are the worldly life that I lead. Moments have become far more significant than days or weeks. Life flows through the nostrils in a mysterious way. Watching the breath, or the body move from one place to another are eternal experiences. Walking with bare feet on earth is…I can not describe it in words. Looking at someone’s eyes makes me forgetful of all. I lose myself in them silently. I feel too poor to pour any more words to describe them.

Silence is all that I feel when I set out to write. Perhaps words are losing their importance. What is this silence about? Where did it come from? I don’t know. I do not want to know either. These questions are of the mind because the mind wants to judge everything.

I feel much lighter than before. I carry not much of attachments, ego, desire or ambitions anymore. With this silence, life seems to be deeply meaningful. There’s beauty within me and magic all around. This silence has allowed the eyes to be a witness to the play of the divine, rather than looking at objects of ownership. The silence has helped the heart to love intensely, yet the mind is mindful of its emotions.

Love is transforming into devotion. The sunrise and sunset make my heart dance. The trees and the wind sing with me the songs of oneness. The moon and the stars never looked so beautiful! The darkness of the night was never felt so mysterious. If you are reading this, accept my gratitude for you for being who you are. I am no different than you for I come from the same source as you. I bow down to you in my love for you.

It feels good that the silence could speak so much today. Yet, so much is left unsaid.