Relationship and Love

We are seekers of permanent love, relationships, friendships and what not. We expect that our loved ones will love us forever without any change in the temperament of their emotions; that the relationship will remain healthy forever with no damage whatsoever; and that our partners will not look elsewhere for fulfilling their emotional, physical or spiritual needs.

But the reality is exactly the opposite. Our dearest of friends, intimate partners and even siblings can become indifferent to us or make unexpected departures from our lives.

Who knows what the future holds!

Yet we remain deeply attached to our relationships. This attachment is nothing but a slavery. We call it love. It is not. It is our conveniences disguised as love. Marriages and relationships are merely existing for the conveniences of the partners, not for their individual evolution.

Love is free, relationships are not. They don’t allow us to move freely, rather obstruct our ways towards freedom, whereas love frees an individual.

The moment we realise that the relationship is not serving the purpose of individual evolution, it is time to contemplate. The term ‘relationship’ comes from a phrase ‘to relate’. When two individuals can not relate to each other with an open mind, it brings the death of the relationship closer. Both the individuals may carry on with the relationship pretending to be together, but the essence is missing. Relationship then remains at the surface level. Romance may happen, laughter may be there, but something deeper is missing.

We do everything to control our partners. Our insecurities are deep rooted. With the slightest amount of insecurity within, can we love totally? How can one love completely with having a fear of losing the love? It is impossible.

We do not want to work on those fears, rather we choose to enforce our fears on our partners. They, out of their concern for us, often, give up. They deliberately let go of their potential of evolution. This is where our relationships are becoming toxic and suicidal.

We need to have great emotional intelligence to let the other be free. We need to look at our own fear which results in possessiveness. Love is about loving unconditionally thereby helping the partner to grow towards ultimate human potential. Love isn’t about cutting the wings of the other in the order of our own expectations.

Our love is not love. It is a self-created illusion born out of our fear which we call love.

Love is when there is no ‘I’.

Love is impossible till we are entrenched in hollow physical togetherness without any soul in it.

Perhaps we are not looking for love. We do not have the courage to pursue it. We are fine with our conveniences.


Love is not enough

Being in love is an entirely different feeling! The world looks beautiful then. Really! But when we live together, it’s a different story altogether again!

And then only love is not enough. Understanding becomes the key. Not love. Compassion is important than passion. A moment comes when we don’t agree with our partners and we feel enraged. The need is to calm down then and there. It is not important to prove ourselves right in the very moments of an argument.

What is required is a calm mind who calms the other.

The world is changing with us

Read a quote, “It is true that you might fail if you try, but you are doomed if you don’t.”

This gives me a lot of courage to carry on. This tells me that nothing is lost till hope is lost. Universe wouldn’t give me more than I can take. Adversities hit hard in the face. They are unexpected, often unwelcomed. But they are the only ones who tell us that there is something wrong with our planning and execution. Only they tell us that we need to prepare more before we make action.

We decided to change the world because we believed we can. And we are not the only one. There are millions who are trying hard to make a mark, to make the world a better place. They are only ones who are doing it for us. The artists, the activists, the writers, freedom fighters, peace-makers, revolutionaries and the meditators – they all have believed that only action is the remedy of inaction, only love is the answer for hatred and war. We must support them. We must walk with them. They are the ones who are living the pain to set the world free.

Let’s keep walking together from wherever we are. We may not know each other, but we are connected through one beautiful energy called ‘nature’. We are all billions of forms of expression of one infinite energy called universe. Whatever we do, that has it’s own effect and influence.

Keep changing whatever we can in our own unique way. Let’s begin with changing ourselves. Our consciousness is rising globally. We are all part of the same rising. Let the spirits be high. Let’s keep walking the path of change.

Because the world is changing with us.

Love from India.

A profound love letter by a girl

Subject: Love in you


I find love in you , I find you in love. 

You are the matter of my heart and truth of the matter.

You are a driving force in my life.

I love you and I believe you.

The journey of togetherness that we took before few months will be a journey of a lifetime, this journey has no beginning and no end.

I feel blessed in the moment, I feel you around me , into me.

Feeling your whispers, your touch, your love.

Need you right here to give you a warm and tight hug.

My love is growing for you more and more day by day but in a very different way. Though, we are communicating less these days, I feel that we are getting closer.

Our love is now going to another level probably and we are learning to love silently. Feeling each other in our own moments individually but still together.

I have felt the need to be with you by making this relationship more secured at times by signing papers but then I have also felt more urge from within to remain in love and trust love without signing papers.

I do believe and feel that our love is timeless and endless. <3.

In love with you madly.



Love and Change the World

The world seems to be full of hatred. Or is it an illusion? Every day when I browse the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or any sources of news, I find the elements of frustration, suffering and depression looming world over. I can’t make out if this state of affairs of the world as shown to me is really true. Or is there something else that I can’t see or not made to see deliberately? Perhaps yes. I am not made to see and experience the good side of the world by the ruling class as in the small group of people who control the resources that we use and the systems that are put in place for us. You see, the news, posts or columns about love, happiness, spirituality and the sorts are always somewhere on the sides/corners/back side/secondary story of any news bulletin or printed news papers.

I am realizing that the more I talk about hatred, the more I attract it. The more I seek love, the more I receive it. So the world is connected mysteriously as one divine energy. So the more hatred is being spread, the more of it is created and it becomes a vicious cycle. The politicians keep on making promises of good, but mysteriously we don’t get to know about those goods really happen. We are being continuously fed with something wrong all the time by the media. It feels as if there’s something seriously wrong with the world all the time.

But it is certainly not. But the question is – why don’t we choose love over hatred, joy over suffering, happiness over sadness and avoid the rest? Perhaps because we are too obsessed with the negative news that we’ve taken it for granted.

Knowing that hatred has all the right reasons to exist on earth so that we know the difference between the same and love, but somewhere it is dominating our lives more today. Perhaps the reason for this is that we haven’t loved enough.

Let’s love more. The more we love, the more we seek it and the more we receive it. The more we love, the more we spread it. Love is heavenly contagious. Let’s live love. Let’s fight for love. Love ourselves. Love our loved ones and everything around us. Love unconditionally! Let’s become love. Let’s be somebody who inspires love with his/her very presence.

Whatever you do, do it with great love. I can’t say this to a soldier even if he is in love with his nation. Because that kind of love is an illusion. What’s in a nation that spreads hatred and creates enemies in the name of nationalism? I would urge him to inspire his nation to love more, not kill more. Quit the army and walk towards love. You would inspire your fellow soldier friends around the world too as they seek love of their loved ones too just like you and all of us. Let’s bring a day when all the soldiers quit their armies and return to love and not to love an illusion called ‘nation’ that creates hatred in you for your fellow human beings on earth.

Be free.

Choose to love and change the world.

We don’t choose our relatives

We don’t choose our relatives. They consume a lot of time in our lives. They play significant roles in our lives. When we were kids, we played with our cousins. Loved their company. Befriended them. But realized that our respective parents don’t have good terms with each other. As a result, we stopped meeting so often we used to. As kids, we felt the pain constantly. Nobody bothered. Yet, our friendship and love matured. What our respective parents think of each other didn’t matter to us much. As youth, we became rebellious unconsciously.

And it was for good. But for all of us, environment matters. We don’t deserve to live in an environment where relatives are being blamed or criticized for every small thing. Then we don’t grow in love, we live in hatred.

We don’t choose our relatives. True. But we can choose to love them.

Towards Rationality

Human beings are unique on earth with the gifts of mind and heart, both. Often, the confusion lies in what to be used when. When there are signs of love, the heart gets cozy and romantic. Just then, the mind reacts the opposite way. It restrains from any activity related to love. It does every possible thing to resist the temptation of love which comes quite naturally to the heart. It is unknown why the mind takes the opposite route. Result is well-known.

Like wise, there are millions of superstitions instilled with our beings since we gain our senses. As we grow and graduate, we still follow them blindly without looking at their purposes and relevance. Here the heart dominates. The mind surrenders. Result – we carry on with something that is utterly unimportant and lose sight of something much better and dynamic.

Ironical. Indeed. Thinking of solutions? Simple. Let’s watch ourselves, our actions. Are we following a ritual blindly or just for the sake of making others happy? Do we have a practice that is not worth practicing?

About love, one never gets away with it anyway!

Don’t you feel so?