I Miss Her..

It’s been months now. To have seen her. Feel her. Hug her. Kiss her.

Life is testing us since half a year. She has been at the receiving end. With her severe backache, she is at her home taking the treatment and I am looking for a job. Thanks to scarcity of funds, we can’t meet. We are in debt too. We just took risks with the last project we did. Nothing’s wrong with that. That is important for growth. Without risks, we are dead souls. Yet, this risk got us into trouble. We never knew it would take a toll on her health.

This is the time when she needs me more and the vice versa. Yet, we are far away from each other. In India, it feels like a continent to travel from southern part of the country to the west.

Yet, she hasn’t lost courage. She inspires me, often, to face it all with humility. That makes her adorable, just irresistible. She is a woman.

I miss her.

♥ ♥


You are about ‘you’

You are about your own self. You belong to ‘you’ first and then the world. Find yourself within you. Often it involves conflict as you include others as part of ‘you’. Drop them. Remain with yourself. Just drop it all at once if it isn’t about you. And if the conflict is with and about yourself, it’s inevitable. Jut be. Learn from it. It will expire.

You will be mostly happy and peaceful when you are with yourself. Your freedom is all about becoming ‘you’.