When people avoid you

There are times when people avoid us. Even our closest of friends. For days, weeks. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are busy. If they were, they would respond, at least, assuring to talk later. They don’t do that. They simply don’t answer our calls or messages.

Not because they don’t have time, but because we ain’t their priority. 


To the followers of this blog

Dear Followers,

How are you?

I love you all. Whoever you are, wherever you are – accept my deep gratitude to you.

Thank you for walking with me. This journey has more meaning now.

I thank WordPress for the beautiful opportunity created through this blog forum to make friends from around the world. To express ourselves and share our life stories in the way we want and know each other more. This closes the gap of our cultural differences. We come to know that we are all the same all around the world.

Do tell me here how do you feel today. It is really beautiful to have friends from distant lands. Let’s share more. Heal more. Live more. With every passing day, we are walking towards our end. Life is short. Let’s live our today.

Endless Love.



While campaigning, we have been reaching out to friends, families and people for funding. A few have helped, the rest didn’t. It’s quite obvious that not everybody would help, especially financially.

But when it comes to friends, we tend to expect more. We sincerely feel that they should understand our intentions and actions. Again, a few of them do understand and come forward for support, but the rest probably lack the connect or imagination.

Since last half a year, we have seen times when our real good friends have denied outrightly to support this campaign. They didn’t want to be a part of the campaign nor had any interest to help with funds. It was nothing but a reality check for us. Of late, there were friends (and seniors) who, at first, listening to our story assured of their help. When we followed up, they turned their back. They didn’t even respond to our calls, emails or messages. This kind of behavior is wierd and sort of really disappointing at times.

This is nothing but lack of courage to say no. We need have the  courage to communicate. There’s nothing wrong if we want to say no for something. It’s perfectly alright. But we must respond.

Perhaps that’s why communication is an art, not everybody is an artist.

A profound love letter by a girl

Subject: Love in you


I find love in you , I find you in love. 

You are the matter of my heart and truth of the matter.

You are a driving force in my life.

I love you and I believe you.

The journey of togetherness that we took before few months will be a journey of a lifetime, this journey has no beginning and no end.

I feel blessed in the moment, I feel you around me , into me.

Feeling your whispers, your touch, your love.

Need you right here to give you a warm and tight hug.

My love is growing for you more and more day by day but in a very different way. Though, we are communicating less these days, I feel that we are getting closer.

Our love is now going to another level probably and we are learning to love silently. Feeling each other in our own moments individually but still together.

I have felt the need to be with you by making this relationship more secured at times by signing papers but then I have also felt more urge from within to remain in love and trust love without signing papers.

I do believe and feel that our love is timeless and endless. <3.

In love with you madly.



Crossroads of life

On the crossroads of life, we meet a lot many people who share the space with us. We love a few, hate a few, remember and forget a few. Some of them stay as our friends, guide or critic. Some just leave us in between without any reason. At the end, they unconsciously help us become as who we are. And then, in the journey, we keep connecting to new ones with the hope to experience freshness of change. That’s how we live. That’s why it’s called the ‘crossroads of life’.