Looking deeply within, I find the reasons of suffering are nothing but the desires of a million kinds. These desires are like unseen sink holes. Mind is busy creating new desires everyday and falling into the self-made trap from which it finds difficult to save itself.

Desires are of many kinds. The most powerful ones are of sex, money and power. The more we get close to them, the less it is. We spend our lifetimes pursuing these desires.

Unless we are really aware of the hollowness of these desires, we shall continue live in perils.


Love is not enough

Being in love is an entirely different feeling! The world looks beautiful then. Really! But when we live together, it’s a different story altogether again!

And then only love is not enough. Understanding becomes the key. Not love. Compassion is important than passion. A moment comes when we don’t agree with our partners and we feel enraged. The need is to calm down then and there. It is not important to prove ourselves right in the very moments of an argument.

What is required is a calm mind who calms the other.

When we are broken..

What do we do when are completely broken?

We all cry. We should. In India, there’s a quote for men,’Mard ko dard nahin hota’ – which means men can’t feel the pain. It is a conditioning jargon to build the men stronger mentally. The boys when they cry in the childhood are subjected to scrutiny by their families and friends alike. And they grow up suppressing emotional outburst or crying in the corners of the room when alone. Because they will be deemed weak if found weeping. Now that act is reserved for only women which is really pathetic.

But I don’t care if people tell me I am behaving like a women. I cry till I can. Because that’s purely a biological process of our body. Because it is important to express ourself completely in this form which helps us calm down. Suppressing is never an option.

It’s true that it gets really terrible at times when we face challenges. They feel like larger than life. They dominate us so hard and sort of break us from within. Nothing wrong with that too. From chaos comes order. Let that heart say it loud for how it feels. Only then there can be a possibilty of true healing process.

When we are broken, the most significant aspect is that we must slowly get ourselves back in order. To have the courage to believe in ourselves. Forgive ourselves and the world. Learn the lesson. Collect the broken pieces one by one. Sew them again, with love for oursleves, our partner(s) and the world.

This time, more stronger than before.


Pain is powerful. Great pain have great power. Our souls may get hurt deeply. Even there are times that we feel like dying.

At times, life sets you free, but it tests you too. If you are a rebel, it tests you more. Much more than ordinary. It can break you from within. Completely. Without any use of sword or bullet, pain can devastate you completely.

But perhaps pain is your friend. You may be broken, but thank the pain to have come to you. Because from chaos comes order, from pain comes reality, clarity and possibilty.

Take your time to heal yourself. That shattering pain is there for a reason.

How difficult is writing?

Writing is difficult. Indeed. Especially for the beginners like me. I quit my job a couple of months back to do what I loved. I loved to write. But it hasn’t been easy. More than I expected it to be. Its been a journey with it’s own share of challenges.

But it’s just difficult, not impossible. The beginning is always the toughest. It takes a lot of character to cross the river of beginning. That’s why the majority of beginners in the world remain beginners their entire lives.

We have a very tiny number of people who are finishers. They begin to walk till the end. No matter what, they just carry on.

I am carrying on too.

Let’s stay inspired to create, innovate, build and transform.

Let’s keep writing for the love of writing.