One Night In Summer

Fish Of Gold

She was lying on something uncomfortable. Without opening her eyes, she reached beneath her and pulled out a large stick. She’d never been any good at waking up. It took a long time for the neurons to fire properly. Like a classic pickup truck in winter, you had to let her idle for a while before putting her in drive.

The sleepy neurons fired just enough to trickle a lazy question into her consciousness–why was there a stick in her bed?

She opened her eyes and saw a canopy of trees and a billion stars. She quickly closed them again since that’s not at all what her bedroom ceiling should look like.

Image by by Peter McCarthy from Image by Peter McCarthy from

Just what is going on here?

The thought was interrupted by the sound of footsteps off to the right. Her heart beat faster. They were some fifteen feet away and getting closer…

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To the followers of this blog

Dear Followers,

How are you?

I love you all. Whoever you are, wherever you are – accept my deep gratitude to you.

Thank you for walking with me. This journey has more meaning now.

I thank WordPress for the beautiful opportunity created through this blog forum to make friends from around the world. To express ourselves and share our life stories in the way we want and know each other more. This closes the gap of our cultural differences. We come to know that we are all the same all around the world.

Do tell me here how do you feel today. It is really beautiful to have friends from distant lands. Let’s share more. Heal more. Live more. With every passing day, we are walking towards our end. Life is short. Let’s live our today.

Endless Love.


When we are broken..

What do we do when are completely broken?

We all cry. We should. In India, there’s a quote for men,’Mard ko dard nahin hota’ – which means men can’t feel the pain. It is a conditioning jargon to build the men stronger mentally. The boys when they cry in the childhood are subjected to scrutiny by their families and friends alike. And they grow up suppressing emotional outburst or crying in the corners of the room when alone. Because they will be deemed weak if found weeping. Now that act is reserved for only women which is really pathetic.

But I don’t care if people tell me I am behaving like a women. I cry till I can. Because that’s purely a biological process of our body. Because it is important to express ourself completely in this form which helps us calm down. Suppressing is never an option.

It’s true that it gets really terrible at times when we face challenges. They feel like larger than life. They dominate us so hard and sort of break us from within. Nothing wrong with that too. From chaos comes order. Let that heart say it loud for how it feels. Only then there can be a possibilty of true healing process.

When we are broken, the most significant aspect is that we must slowly get ourselves back in order. To have the courage to believe in ourselves. Forgive ourselves and the world. Learn the lesson. Collect the broken pieces one by one. Sew them again, with love for oursleves, our partner(s) and the world.

This time, more stronger than before.


Pain is powerful. Great pain have great power. Our souls may get hurt deeply. Even there are times that we feel like dying.

At times, life sets you free, but it tests you too. If you are a rebel, it tests you more. Much more than ordinary. It can break you from within. Completely. Without any use of sword or bullet, pain can devastate you completely.

But perhaps pain is your friend. You may be broken, but thank the pain to have come to you. Because from chaos comes order, from pain comes reality, clarity and possibilty.

Take your time to heal yourself. That shattering pain is there for a reason.


While campaigning, we have been reaching out to friends, families and people for funding. A few have helped, the rest didn’t. It’s quite obvious that not everybody would help, especially financially.

But when it comes to friends, we tend to expect more. We sincerely feel that they should understand our intentions and actions. Again, a few of them do understand and come forward for support, but the rest probably lack the connect or imagination.

Since last half a year, we have seen times when our real good friends have denied outrightly to support this campaign. They didn’t want to be a part of the campaign nor had any interest to help with funds. It was nothing but a reality check for us. Of late, there were friends (and seniors) who, at first, listening to our story assured of their help. When we followed up, they turned their back. They didn’t even respond to our calls, emails or messages. This kind of behavior is wierd and sort of really disappointing at times.

This is nothing but lack of courage to say no. We need have the  courage to communicate. There’s nothing wrong if we want to say no for something. It’s perfectly alright. But we must respond.

Perhaps that’s why communication is an art, not everybody is an artist.

Lives of women in India

In India, arrange marriages are still the most preferred way for the youths and the parents both. It is a sort of secured and no-risk affair, especially for the parents.

Now the equations get ugly when parents look for a suitable bride/groom from their own community for their children who don’t really give a damn to castes and religion. The younger generation is realizing that love is the foundation of any relationship. Even though things are changing now, yet every other matrimonial ad in the newspapers would give you a bizarre feel about the society in India. A Brahmin (the upper caste) asking for a Brahmin, a Marwari (the business community) looking for a Marwari, a doctor seeking a doctor and so on. Futher more, it’s not just caste, religion or region, but Indian marriage deals are often racist in nature, especially the north-Indian ones. The in-law families are very particular for a fair-skinned bride for their beloved son. It is expected that the face of the girl should be beautiful enough to match their standards of sophistication.

I heard about a peculiar case today which had happened just a few weeks back in a North-Indian family now living in the western state of Gujarat. The boy’s parents had visited the girl’s house to have a look at the girl and judge if she suits their bill for their son who they think is nothing less than a Prince! The girl wasn’t at home. The moment she entered the house, she saw the (unwelcomed) guests enjoying tea and snacks from the hard-earned money of her father.

The moment the girl came closer to the scene, she immediately noticed the disappointment on the face of boy’s mother. The girl had a pimple on her face which was big enough to put the old woman off and to immediately pack up. It happened so suddenly that nobody from the hosts could really make out the reason for the sudden rejection!

Girl’s parents were worried. It’s difficult for them to face rejections. While leaving, the mother of the boy clarified that the reason for their denial was simple. It was the pimple. Alas! The girl couldn’t really believe it at all! But her father was a concerned man who want to see her daughter get settled soon. He, rather than giving a befitting reply to the ignorant guests, started pleading them saying that pimple was temporary. Moreover he was also ready for a medical treatment if so required. Look at the plight of a father!

This is exactly why the multi-billion dollar fairness industry is flourishing with no voices against them.

Listening to this story, one of my friend observed rightly, “We have failed to realize our self-worth and have calculated the same as per the societal norms based on the superficial ways of living.”

Being a woman, you need to stand firm as whoever you are, whatever you are. Do not listen to the voices that unnecessarily tell you that you are inferior in any way.

Be courageous enough to live life your way. Only getting married will not make your life great nor will make your life perfect.

Let’s take complete responsibilities of our lives.

Endless love.

The world is changing with us

Read a quote, “It is true that you might fail if you try, but you are doomed if you don’t.”

This gives me a lot of courage to carry on. This tells me that nothing is lost till hope is lost. Universe wouldn’t give me more than I can take. Adversities hit hard in the face. They are unexpected, often unwelcomed. But they are the only ones who tell us that there is something wrong with our planning and execution. Only they tell us that we need to prepare more before we make action.

We decided to change the world because we believed we can. And we are not the only one. There are millions who are trying hard to make a mark, to make the world a better place. They are only ones who are doing it for us. The artists, the activists, the writers, freedom fighters, peace-makers, revolutionaries and the meditators – they all have believed that only action is the remedy of inaction, only love is the answer for hatred and war. We must support them. We must walk with them. They are the ones who are living the pain to set the world free.

Let’s keep walking together from wherever we are. We may not know each other, but we are connected through one beautiful energy called ‘nature’. We are all billions of forms of expression of one infinite energy called universe. Whatever we do, that has it’s own effect and influence.

Keep changing whatever we can in our own unique way. Let’s begin with changing ourselves. Our consciousness is rising globally. We are all part of the same rising. Let the spirits be high. Let’s keep walking the path of change.

Because the world is changing with us.

Love from India.