Diarrhea, constipation and our system of education

Since childhood, our education system teach us little about our own body structures and the complex processes therewith. We call ourselves educated without any self-knowledge whatsoever. The education system is entirely based upon the industrial and economic needs rather than needs of life (apart from money). It’s a fallacy that education of engineering of computers or roads are education. That may be just a part of it.

I have been suffering from diarrhea followed by constipation since more than a week. Have been running around consulting doctors who don’t really suggest anything about the kind of diet I should take while this period. Diarrhea and constipation are two different illnesses. But one may lead to another.

I happily ate Bananas and curd during diarrhea. But didn’t know that I shouldn’t take them during constipation. They rather aggravate the situation. So does potato. Finally my father who has been doctor all his life advised that papaya and ripe guava are the two best fruits to be taken for curing constipation.

I felt guilty for myself for the fact that since last days, I have been taken many bananas and a lot of yogurt that have made my situation worse. The doctors I met didn’t check with my food habits and only prescribed medicines. They only advised to take fruits without any specification. It’s really stupid of me not taking my father’s advise on the first day itself. Also not making a research myself.

When I asked him about the reason why doctors don’t suggest diets, father  concluded with a British medical quote, “If doctors don’t become dieticians, dieticians become doctors.”

Obviously, diet is everything when it comes to our body, mind and soul. The kind of food we intake decides our mood and health. It’s non-sense not to educate a child about her health first but teach her anything else.


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