Lives of women in India

In India, arrange marriages are still the most preferred way for the youths and the parents both. It is a sort of secured and no-risk affair, especially for the parents.

Now the equations get ugly when parents look for a suitable bride/groom from their own community for their children who don’t really give a damn to castes and religion. The younger generation is realizing that love is the foundation of any relationship. Even though things are changing now, yet every other matrimonial ad in the newspapers would give you a bizarre feel about the society in India. A Brahmin (the upper caste) asking for a Brahmin, a Marwari (the business community) looking for a Marwari, a doctor seeking a doctor and so on. Futher more, it’s not just caste, religion or region, but Indian marriage deals are often racist in nature, especially the north-Indian ones. The in-law families are very particular for a fair-skinned bride for their beloved son. It is expected that the face of the girl should be beautiful enough to match their standards of sophistication.

I heard about a peculiar case today which had happened just a few weeks back in a North-Indian family now living in the western state of Gujarat. The boy’s parents had visited the girl’s house to have a look at the girl and judge if she suits their bill for their son who they think is nothing less than a Prince! The girl wasn’t at home. The moment she entered the house, she saw the (unwelcomed) guests enjoying tea and snacks from the hard-earned money of her father.

The moment the girl came closer to the scene, she immediately noticed the disappointment on the face of boy’s mother. The girl had a pimple on her face which was big enough to put the old woman off and to immediately pack up. It happened so suddenly that nobody from the hosts could really make out the reason for the sudden rejection!

Girl’s parents were worried. It’s difficult for them to face rejections. While leaving, the mother of the boy clarified that the reason for their denial was simple. It was the pimple. Alas! The girl couldn’t really believe it at all! But her father was a concerned man who want to see her daughter get settled soon. He, rather than giving a befitting reply to the ignorant guests, started pleading them saying that pimple was temporary. Moreover he was also ready for a medical treatment if so required. Look at the plight of a father!

This is exactly why the multi-billion dollar fairness industry is flourishing with no voices against them.

Listening to this story, one of my friend observed rightly, “We have failed to realize our self-worth and have calculated the same as per the societal norms based on the superficial ways of living.”

Being a woman, you need to stand firm as whoever you are, whatever you are. Do not listen to the voices that unnecessarily tell you that you are inferior in any way.

Be courageous enough to live life your way. Only getting married will not make your life great nor will make your life perfect.

Let’s take complete responsibilities of our lives.

Endless love.


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