Love and Change the World

The world seems to be full of hatred. Or is it an illusion? Every day when I browse the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or any sources of news, I find the elements of frustration, suffering and depression looming world over. I can’t make out if this state of affairs of the world as shown to me is really true. Or is there something else that I can’t see or not made to see deliberately? Perhaps yes. I am not made to see and experience the good side of the world by the ruling class as in the small group of people who control the resources that we use and the systems that are put in place for us. You see, the news, posts or columns about love, happiness, spirituality and the sorts are always somewhere on the sides/corners/back side/secondary story of any news bulletin or printed news papers.

I am realizing that the more I talk about hatred, the more I attract it. The more I seek love, the more I receive it. So the world is connected mysteriously as one divine energy. So the more hatred is being spread, the more of it is created and it becomes a vicious cycle. The politicians keep on making promises of good, but mysteriously we don’t get to know about those goods really happen. We are being continuously fed with something wrong all the time by the media. It feels as if there’s something seriously wrong with the world all the time.

But it is certainly not. But the question is – why don’t we choose love over hatred, joy over suffering, happiness over sadness and avoid the rest? Perhaps because we are too obsessed with the negative news that we’ve taken it for granted.

Knowing that hatred has all the right reasons to exist on earth so that we know the difference between the same and love, but somewhere it is dominating our lives more today. Perhaps the reason for this is that we haven’t loved enough.

Let’s love more. The more we love, the more we seek it and the more we receive it. The more we love, the more we spread it. Love is heavenly contagious. Let’s live love. Let’s fight for love. Love ourselves. Love our loved ones and everything around us. Love unconditionally! Let’s become love. Let’s be somebody who inspires love with his/her very presence.

Whatever you do, do it with great love. I can’t say this to a soldier even if he is in love with his nation. Because that kind of love is an illusion. What’s in a nation that spreads hatred and creates enemies in the name of nationalism? I would urge him to inspire his nation to love more, not kill more. Quit the army and walk towards love. You would inspire your fellow soldier friends around the world too as they seek love of their loved ones too just like you and all of us. Let’s bring a day when all the soldiers quit their armies and return to love and not to love an illusion called ‘nation’ that creates hatred in you for your fellow human beings on earth.

Be free.

Choose to love and change the world.


2 thoughts on “Love and Change the World

  1. Good one…..only thing we need to change the mindset of the people. This type of blogs if can be circulated among the citizens, then definitely there is a chance of change…..

    1. Thank you for your words of motivation. I am not sure of changing people’s mindset at the outset. The effort would be to share awareness. Rest is with the people if they would like to change.

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