My blessings, My Celebrations

Thought to count my blessings today. Thought to write about the things that I feel heavenly grateful about in my life. And these are the reasons of my celebration called life. After all, they should be! 🙂

A healthy body, mind and soul

Rare sense of self-awareness

Ability of creativity

Freedom of choices

A decent job

A supportive family

A great human being as my elder brother

A few can’t-live-without friends

Those few can-die-for younger siblings

Decent living with good food

Constant connection with the internet world

Opportunity to travel the world

Unshakable self-trust and self-love

Love for the Vulnerable life

Feeling of universal love

Love for and access to music

Access to opportunities, knowledge and fun

Reasons to smile, laugh and feel happy

Leadership potential

So celebrating the blessings, celebrating life, celebrating my presence in the world.

Curious to know about you.




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