Assumed to be..

Often, we assume that we are alright. Actually we ain’t. Hence, we don’t listen to ourselves.

We assume we will live tomorrow, thus we don’t live today.

We assume, tomorrow will bring every happiness we want. Thus we overlook the potential of today.

We assume our friends must be doing fine. Hence we don’t call them often thinking they might be busy.

We assume that the person we love, loves us too and will express the same one day. Hence we don’t start to express our love.

We assume that ‘love’ will come to us by itself just because we are good. Hence we stop ourselves to be loving towards ourselves and others.

We assume that mind is always right and the heart is wrong. Actually its the other way round.

We assume that medicine alone will heal us. Hence we don’t take up meditation.

We assume that life is complicated in itself. Hence we don’t find ways to make it simple.

We assume that running away from an issue is the solution for it. Hence making it more     complex.

We assume it a threat to open up to people. We assume a pet would serve better.

We assume that revolutions change the world. We don’t realize that rebels are behind them.

We assume the world is filled with pain and poverty. Hence we unconsciously neglect the beauty of it.

We assume light to be far better than darkness. We miss the elegance of darkness.

We assume that the earth will take care of itself by itself. Hence we don’t care for it at all.


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