We don’t choose our relatives

We don’t choose our relatives. They consume a lot of time in our lives. They play significant roles in our lives. When we were kids, we played with our cousins. Loved their company. Befriended them. But realized that our respective parents don’t have good terms with each other. As a result, we stopped meeting so often we used to. As kids, we felt the pain constantly. Nobody bothered. Yet, our friendship and love matured. What our respective parents think of each other didn’t matter to us much. As youth, we became rebellious unconsciously.

And it was for good. But for all of us, environment matters. We don’t deserve to live in an environment where relatives are being blamed or criticized for every small thing. Then we don’t grow in love, we live in hatred.

We don’t choose our relatives. True. But we can choose to love them.


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