Live or perish

Sometimes, it becomes really tough to carry on. Sometimes, the paths are full of uncertainties. The failures hit you hard. Criticism makes things unbearable. You feel the anxiety, stress and tired of the results that were unexpected. You go restless. The natural tendency sets in and that is to quit. You search for a safe zone. Just to be out of the complicated current circumstances. You want yourself to be far away from difficulties, challenges and most importantly, failures.

You have only two paths then. First is quite common in this common world. You simply quit. You don’t even strive. You don’t see the greater possibilities behind those failures. You become a slave to the situations.

Second is to gain courage, self-confidence and resist from quitting with all your guts. You decide to keep walking. You learn from the failures, take on the challenges and convert them into victory. You become the master of your life.

Just a few wo/men prefer the latter for their lives. Hence they become the winners, achievers, the heroes and the ‘greats’. No wonder, ‘greatness’ isn’t quite common in this common world.

You don’t fight back, you perish. Choose to live.


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