Freedom and Money

Ever wondered…what’s money?!

Money seems to be a material need which is the base of almost every human transaction. It is the second most necessity probably after oxygen. One can think upon this statement. There’s a famous statement, “Money can’t buy happiness.” But a hungry belly can’t laugh for too long.

Ever felt..whats freedom?!!

Freedom is equally necessary for a human being as his/her basic fiber or character. If that is violated, then it is anti-nature and anti-life. Because it stops the growth of the person at different levels. It leads to frustration, insomniac, restlessness, anger etc finally leading to loss of peace of mind. But freedom is a subjective term which is related to people. If one doesn’t make efforts to safeguard his/her personal freedom, the outside forces bound to restrict it with different means.

(I’ll focus on one or a few aspects of the above question. Not all.)

When I was in a job, I was expected to work for least 12 hours with passion and commitment for the sake of  a few lakhs per annum. I was also (unconsciously) expected to lose all my personal life for it as the job profile demanded. It was all right as most of us don’t mind working for late in the evening (for money being the only motivation) even if we don’t love doing it. But the difficulty in my heart began to grow when my personal space was being curtailed with untimely and unwanted comments and criticism from the senior colleague which violated my freedom to learn and deliver in my own space. When it grew beyond the levels of my toleration, I decided to quit the job within just 5 days of my joining. And I did quit.


Simple. Freedom is more significant for a human being than anything else. Money does buys most of us many a times thanks to its inevitability in the economy. But if it continues for too long, we turn out to be machines, apparently, money machines. We tend to lose ourselves for the love of money as we need to keep ourselves alive with food and other necessities.

I refused doing that. I just decided to love myself more than money.


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