I’m Blogging daily from now..

Wishing you all a successful calendar year!

Well, here where you will find me often, not on Facebook/Orkut anymore. This is where I would be dealing with stories of thy life each day. I believe that this would a great idea to

  • grow as an individual (as my thoughts make me one)
  • be a potential writer (don’t know if blogging can help me become one)
  • share ideas for life
  • achieve greater clarity of thoughts
  • write down the importance of writing
  • see many other benefits of the likes, tags, comments etc.

Now, this blog (sensiblesand.wordpress.com) would be dedicated to the growing thought processes and ideas that can help make a positive ‘change’…and of course everything else related to life.

So, finally I’ve decided to make a beginning. And to count the beginning I would need all your support. No social networking can be carried out without a sound network of internet socialites. 🙂
So be a part of this page and help one of the human beings to know himself, you and the world better.



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