Why is this disturbance?

I am disturbed and not able to concentrate on any given task. Since a couple of months, the state of affairs of the country has led me in deep mental trouble.  The reasons are diverse, but are bound together with a common thread in a criss-cross way. Naxalism, corruptions, inflation, internal insecurity and many more..when can we have a better society to live in?

Since Dantewada happened, I have losing my patience. But then even after Dantewada, they didn’t stop either. Attacks at Bijapur, Midnapur made me humiliated and frustrated. The stampede at the Delhi railway station left me feel discomfited. After all who is liable for all this? Who is going to solve this for us? Do we rely on somebody from our cabinet to deal with this monster called Naxalism? The railway minister is happy to be free of responsibilities. The woman even feels discomfort to show her sympathy towards affected. After all she is hardly concerned about railways beyond West Bengal. She is to be concerned about passengers is anybody’s guess. Post Dantewada, our respected home minister offered resignation as he realized his moral authority for the incident. But the PM rejected as perhaps there is no one better than him to take up the job as of now. Not long back, but just one and half years back the then home minister of India resigned after the devastating 26/11 scene of carnage. So did the then CM of Maharashtra. Note: they didn’t bother at all about the number of bomb blasts in Mumbai before 26/11. The reason to call it day after the latter is quite obvious!  There arises a question here, whether their resignations solve a crisis in any way? Can a piece of paper with few official signatures change the fortunes of the citizens of the country? The answer is no. The bomb blast in Pune few months ago is well-known to all of us.

Political frauds and corruptions are of course not new for us. But it’s enough of enough now. I can’t see anything more people like the Bofor(s), Madhu Koda(s), Mayawati(s), Shashi Tharoor(s), Sharad Pawar(s) and A. Raja(s). How do I expect a state to progress and develop when the ruler is one of like Madhu Koda? They hardly are afraid of the law as because it is in their own hands. But then there is sophisticated Shibu Soren  who was ruling the roost in Jharkhand till BJP took back the support thanks to the former’s support to the Congress during cut motion. His stay at the top of the ministry of a state approves that no one like me should have any expectations of development. These are all so complex to understand for an aam admi of our country. Isn’t it?

When Congress needed BSP during the same cut motion, BSP thankfully accepted the offer so that it is relieved from the CBI enquiry of her assets and liabilities in UP. But then where does a OBC of UP go? Whether he is supposed to get food, cloth and shelter even after 63 years of independence or to touch the feet of posh statues of elephants, Ambedkar(s), Kanshi Ram(s) or their behenji? Another great personality is our telecom minister. He is trying to bully the media when he is asked to answer few questions in front of the camera. During his official media interaction, our own PM said that the minister is believed to have stayed within the confines of the rules and procedures of the ministry. Alas! What else do I expect from my Prime Minster!! He is learning to be a better diplomat day by day. But his diplomacy at the international level is debatable though. Moreover, the CAG and CBI have already speaking against the style of functioning of telecom minister continuously. But after all it’s a coalition government my friend!! It’s all about the majority in the lower house at any given point of time. The Congress can hardly take action against TMC or DMK as they collectively form the ruling alliance called United Progressive Alliance. I wonder if Behenji goes low in numbers in next assembly elections, no one can deny an idea of another great no-ideological alliance in UP. I wouldn’t like to speak about our agriculture minister anymore. I understand that in politics, it’s all about money and no integrity. But please be assured, the day not far away when the trumpets blown by the corrupt and insensitive will blow up their own game.

The Congress is now ruling the country for six straight years. You are passing the bill of ‘right to education’ which should have done after 15 years of independence according to the constitution.  And people from your own govt are raising funding issues to carry out the much awaited project. This is not the end of the story, there are much more to talk about. But then the day will pass by. I am feeling unfortunate to find the color of the society is getting darker and darker as its leaders are scattering ignorance all through.  They are no saviors of the humanity. They are no warriors against stiff capitalism and mounting hunger. Their showmanship is in deep trouble as they are unable to prove their mettle. Across party lines, the reason to look at anybody with hope is really a far away dream.


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