‘Cricket Chasing Capital’

When I was young, bunking classes to watch out my favorite game was recurrent. In fact most of us do easily sacrifice something or the other to feed our immense love for the game. Today, even the media has taken it seriously too! The add shads are also articulated in the manner to suit the Indian cricket lover who keeps his mother, girlfriend or wife satisfied so that he stays on in front of the idiot box undisturbed. They are true business people. They know the spending habit of their not so smart customers. They are well versed about our pulse which beats for cricket 24*7. But let’s not get into that now.
Another side of the game right now is the unlimited amount of unaudited funds poured in the form of extravaganza shows of non-stop cricket. The game has become serious money making machine for the ruling elite who were already busy in the business long back. Few of them were active back stage. Today they didn’t change their stance; rather the camera has been rolled on to suit their need, sorry… Greed! The eyes are blinked; the heads are turned for the real brain churning and heart burning seed of wealth. The whole world is taking a bow in front of not the world class players, but the capital creators. After all it’s all about money honey! Forget the game; it’s the rectangle pieces of paper that matters. Do hell with the world then. The so called gentleman’s game has lost its gentleness without doubt. Players whom we thought of as our Gods (I don’t know why as we still think) are being bought for millions of bucks may be copying the English football league. But I am sure the consequences of bids in the Asian subcontinent will be entirely different.
But this is not the end of the story. The last IPL series has indeed exposed some of the ugliest faces and also facets of the game we loved more than ourselves. Cricket in its early days in India was an elite game. Who says, things have changed? Even though few of the players are discovered from the rural India, still then major players are from corporate and politics. Who has given the license to BCCI to elect a no-cricket-sensible person to choose as its President who is already holding senior post in the cabinet? There are people who are using their political influence to influence the game for which the country beats. I feel really sorry about the state of affairs in the country; thanks to the great Indian sons (you decide if they really are) who are ruling the roost. Why it is that IPL in Maharashtra was free from the burdens of taxes? Looking at the situation in the state, this sounds real blunder made by the state government. Forget ethics, this is sheer foolishness. But who asks what and why to whom! Hum sabhi ek hi thali ke chatte batte hain. Nobody is bothered to punish the offender. After all who is the offender? We ourselves are! We all will forget the stories just a couple of days after the media stops covering the news. Don worry! Things will be underground when you wake up tomorrow morning. This is info-age. Every second there is a new story to cover. TRP(s) are of course not based upon basi khabar. We will be given a new topic to tittle-tattle by the respected fourth pillar of our democracy. And next time, we will again welcome the buyers and sellers (and also the people in between) with all the warmth we have for the game. Because those creamy layered people are from our own society, civilization and culture. Things will change when we change ourselves. Tomorrow’s leadership is in our hands. Change is the only thing which is constant in the world. Believe that we will make a positive change tomorrow.


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