Years come and go..

“Time and tide wait for none.” One famous quote hits my mind quite often. One of the most amazing factor is that it reminds me of my duties each time it rings in my ears. It quietly says that the year you waited for has left you and another one has started knocking on the doors of your life.
True. Year 2010 has arrived and it seems I am still living in 2009. The celebrations in the evening of 31st Dec…even the whole weekend masti hardly puts us into the shoes of practicality. The world is changing so rapidly. The environment is heating up degree by degree. Media is breaking every second. Politicians are still preaching politics of their kind with no change in between. Middle class is still aspiring for the shining India. Elite Indian is driving Mercedes Benz with a grave face hardly caring about the old man with the rickshaw. And the poor Indian is still counting his days of hunger and starvation. He hardly knows the meaning of a new year, Diwali, a Republic day or even an Independence day. His dreams, even today fly with the wind where he thinks of his children taking up schooling.
Our leaders talk about vision 2020, India being the world superpower, the world leader, the world guru and many more. With Chandrayaan mission, we proved a point to the world about our tech-advancement. But on the other side we failed to punish the punishable post 26/11. Stock markets were at a high 20k mark but the other side of the economy scattered the hopes of the common man with sky rocketing prices. A boy aged 17 talks about his aspirations of a scientist whereas he has forgotten the manners in front of the elders. The education system today is contributing to the minds of the generations, but not to the hearts. Our society is ready accept the reservations but has also unconsiously accepted the degradations of the level of quality of education. A simple thing is becoming a rocket science for the people to understand that reservations haven’t contributed to the betterment of the deprived class, rather it has prevented the meritorious to rise and work for the society.
I would rather choose a place where peace is prevailed for a child rather than a competitive market which promises nothing for the future in terms of knowledge for the grown up other than information. Few days I was delivering a speech on peace on earth and role of youth promoting the same. Let’s talk about peace within ourselves. Is it found so easily? Today’s youth has the temperament of a volcano which can burst at any given point of time. And we are debating peace for the world! Let the generations believe that the roads of success is not by having a dream job in Microsoft or Google, the real success is to know the evils which are still cutting the throat of the society and thus we are entering into a world which is dumb and also deaf.


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