Socially Spicy!


This refers to the recent and routine work of IT dept. Since last week we all are hearing the same old story of siphoning of huge funds and thank god we could know about the only a/c in the Swiss Bank (as the rest of them are hidden ones). But the protagonist here is different and so is the style of acting. The IT officers must be celebrating for their success. Kudos to them! Now a point raised here is whether we really take on this challenge to actually challenge these activities. Recently we talked about political austerity. Few of my young brothers have supported this as a fact that politician should have royal lifestyle so that the oppressed can look at them hope. This statement hardly has any justification in itself. What I believe is that people do not look at the amount of money the leaders have, they are hopeful about the efforts in terms of authority and power in the state. But we shouldn’t also forget that with power money follows. There’s a famous quote which can be quoted here.
“Power corrupts” and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
I can’t avoid this in anyway. Now the definition of power comes into picture. The power here is with all of us. WE are powerful even without an authority over the state. WE are powerful when we have a pocket money of Rs. 100. We are powerful when we have a part time job or we are powerful when we are actually borrowing money. I am referring to the idea of capitalizing the amount of power we have at whatever positions held in life. (And by this I do not mean that we have power only when we have capital with us. Its about how to spend them.) Corruption lies within us. And we can’t ignore it. The idea of building or renovating official houses or building the possibly biggest park of the world with large amount of state (or non-state) funds or living a life of a Maharaja is no different. The only difference is the eye of the law. The eye of ethics tells us the real story.
Spending a night in a hut doesn’t ends a story. It actually has begun the spice of our social lifestyle today. As a youngster should I follow the people’s representatives (where I find the taste of self-centric dish) or those who come display their talent on the 17mm film every Friday (where I can hardly expect a taste of real life, but a reel life)? I would rather follow my own intuition (which has been disturbed by these social spices of life) which cooks the right dish called socialism with the spices of ethics and humanity.

One thought on “Socially Spicy!

  1. Too many expectations from the so called leaders leads to embarrassment. Though the expectations are fair enough as we look at them as inspiration for our life. Its not that easy to let it go. The authority and power has to be used in a right manner to actually do justice to the dish called socialism.

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